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Your News Knights sign Dan Smith

Lynn Howells has completed another raid on promising talent from our South Yorkshire neighbours, bringing influential 2nd row Dan Smith to Castle Park to link up with former team mates like Neil Cochrane.

Weighing in at 113 kg and standing at 6 5 Dan stared his rugby career at North Walsham, playing from around the age of 4 or 5 years. Due to his father being in the RAF young Dan moved around a lot and played rugby where he could, but settled down to play at Newark between the age of 12 and 16. One steadying influence in his early years was rugby at boarding school, attending Calstons meant he could play a much more regular game.

After his time playing at Newark, up to U16 level Dan decided he would try and make a career out of the professional game, appreciating that a lot of hard work would have to take place if he was to succeed. Playing first team games at Bath, during his four years there was a great achievement.

A season at Rotherham has convinced Dan he would like to get back to the full time environment, and thus he arrives at Doncaster.

There were a lot of vocal fans when the Knights visited Clifton lane, and its a good club with some great players. I think if I put in the effort I could do well here and obviously an experienced coach like Lynn Howells can only benefit my game was the quote Dan gave us.

And on old (and new) team mate Chris Hallam.

Believe me he has a voice, which is a good thing. Dan told us. Those times in a game when you need to hear whats happening around you, and when you need to be driven on Chris is there to make sure hes heard. He continued. Its definitely a lot easier when you have a player like Hallam supporting you in the forwards.

You can meet Dan on the 22nd of June when the club host a " meet the players" BBQ on the 22nd of June, starting around Lunchtime.

You can buy tickets to this event via reception for this event priced at 10, with food included.

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