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Home > News > Trowbridge U14 7 - Chippenham U14 24
Your News Trowbridge U14 7 - Chippenham U14 24

Chippenhams Under 14s travelled to Trowbridge RFC to play in their postponed semi-final match of this years Wiltshire Cup competition.

Sunday was a clear but very cold day, but the Chippenham team were up to the challenge from the kickoff. They drove the home side back to their try-line working well to score the first try of the match.

It took barely five minutes, but some excellent feed of the ball to the Chippenham backs led to Jam Rodriquez driving over the try-line and scoring the first five points of the match. The try was ably converted by Joe Bodman, who slotted the ball home between the posts. Chippenham were on their way.

Trowbridge fought back hard and exerted pressure on Chippenham with possession flowing between the two sides. Chippenham put in some fine, solid defensive work and denied Trowbridge, although they came close on several occasions to putting the ball over the Chippenham try-line.

Just before the half-time whistle, the ball was gathered by Ollie New who drove strongly through the remants of the Trowbridge defence and scored Chippenhams second try of the match. This was again, converted by Bodman, giving Chippenham a comfortable 14-0 lead at the half-time break.

The second half started as the first half had left off but this time, Chippenham were under pressure from Trowbridge. They worked the ball out to their wing, who scored their only try of the match. This was also converted and Trowbridge were back in the game with the score standing at 7-14.

Trowbridge to their credit, tried hard to capitalise on their try, and continued to maintain pressure on Chippenham, again coming close to scoring on a few occasions. But some solid Chippenham defence kept them out.

Chippenhams third try of the match came after a deft move from Jam Rodriquez who slipped past the waiting Trowbridge defence and scored in the corner.

Not to be outdone and just before the referee blew the final whistle, Oli Phipps for Chippenham, ran down the wing and scored his first try of the match to seal what had been a hard, fought but well deserved victory for Chippenham.

Final score; Trowbridge 7 v- Chippenham 24

Chippenhams Under 14s now play Corsham Under 14s in the final of the Wiltshire Cup in two weeks time.

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