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Your News Faversham 45 - Minchinhampton 5

Minchinhampton’s tour to Kent had been very successful so far, but when it came to the big game against Faversham, (league winners of East Kent 1) it was clear that the blazing heat and the excellent hospitality from the night before were going to have a significant impact during the afternoon’s proceedings. Minch’s ever powerful pack were great at making inroads into the heart of the Faversham defence, but when the home side got the ball, their backs’ excellent running play was more than a match and Minch were 19-0 down after less than 10 minutes. Down, but by no means out, they fought back bravely and came close to claiming their just rewards but a spilt pass and an adjudged double movement from the burrowing Dan Wood meant that Minch received no return from their efforts. To rub salt into the wounds Faversham claimed a brace more to lead 33-0 at halftime.

Minch got off to a flyer in the second half with the pack mauling their way through relentlessly as the tempo went up a couple of notches. From a well taken catch by the towering Bertie Fisher in the lineout, the pack charged their way through before Pete Varley grounded the ball to get Minch finally on the scoreboard. Faversham bounced back with a highly effective rolling maul to set up a try, but Minch fought back bravely, and kept the home team on the back foot for most of the second half. The backs were finding their lines and the likes of Owain Atkins tore through the Faversham defence. Minch’s onslaught became relentless and Ian French, Clive Eagles and Pete Varley all came within a cat’s whisker of more tries, before Faversham sealed the victory with a try at the death to win 45-5. The result however mattered little, for the game and post match hospitality were an excellent example of what touring rugby is all about.

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