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Home > News > Kenilworth Pirates 66 - Sutton Coldfield 3XV 38
Your News Kenilworth Pirates 66 - Sutton Coldfield 3XV 38

The Pirates played Sutton Coldfield Thirds. We won 66-38. Game played

in good spirit, on a good pitch, with not such good defences.

Man of the match had to be Nick Hillard as he starred for us in the

first half and then volunteered to play for Sutton in the second half

when they lost their fly half due to injury. The Parrot could not be

awarded due to Paddy Flavell leaving it at home again (it won't be

forgotten). It is apparently on a 'top' shelf at home (no doubt thrown

there with considerable disdain and dis-respect) and he can't find

anyone at the moment tall enough to fetch it down.


Mark Bennet 3 tries (made no effort to buy a jug - also noted)

Paddy Flavelle 2 tries

Nick Hillard 2 tries - plus one for the opposition = 3 - he made no

effort to buy a jug either.

Keith Wise 2 tries - should have bought a jug for jug avoidance - after

the 2nd try he made out he could not catch anything after that.

John Brain 1 try - brilliantly crafted try from the forwards

Nick Hillard and Glyn Owen, kicked 4 conversions each.

Next week the thirds are at home to Banbury, 1.15 meet for 2.15 ko.


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