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Your News Yatton 17 - Ivybridge 18

You would not think that Ivybridge, with a population to call upon of nearly four times the size of Yatton, would also be fighting relegation in this division but perhaps, viewed from a different perspective, it gives easily forgotten credit to Yattons huge achievement of having been able to hold on at this level of rugby for the last three seasons, thanks to a limited but dedicated squad of local players.

The only difference in last Saturdays relegation tussle was the ability of Ivybridge to secure ball in the lineout, while Yatton lost their mainstay lineout player Ian (Wilko) Wilkinson during the second quarter. They also suffered by giving away two kickable penalties within minutes of each other just before the injury.

Although the visitors had the benefit of a stiff wind at kick-off, it was the home side that capitalised on a wayward pass and break away mid field support gave Tony Hill his chance of a celebratory diving touchdown between the posts for himself to convert.

But the gap was soon closed by the two penalties which were well struck and wind assisted.

Yattons momentary lapse of concentration in failing to cover a clearance kick, which ran just inside touch, allowed following up wing Kyle Langdon to touchdown and No 8 Alex Smiths bulldozing grounding of the ball finished off a series of pick and drives on the 30 minute mark, converted to make the half-time score 7-18.

With the dying wind now in their favour, Yattons penalty conversion 5 minutes after the break seemed to indicate that this would be their half, and with a slight edge developing in the scrums, home side supporters were expectant.

But the visitors worked their way up the pitch and were only stopped in the 22 as frustration in the packs and close-quarter open play grew.

Yattons occasional ability to claim the ball against the head in scrums paid dividends on the Ivybridge try line. Chris Harris grounded a bruising ball which Hill converted from far out with 15 minutes to go.

With a score line of 17-18 and relegation for the losing side a possible outcome, both sides battled for the next score, but neither could break the nail-biting midfield stalemate.

This Easter Weekend Saturday Yatton 1st XV travel once more down to the Devon Riviera for a catch-up league match against Paignton who have an outside chance of promotion. All other teams are scheduled for a rest, except on the Sunday the Under 17s are booked to entertain Hornets and the Under 15s to travel to Burnham.

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