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Home > News > Bristol Telephones 14 - Minchinhampton 7
Your News Bristol Telephones 14 - Minchinhampton 7

After Minchs recent run of bad luck, hopes were high of a return to form against Bristol Telephones. Hopes were vindicated early on as Minch attacked with menacing presence. The forwards were winning good lineout ball and the ball was running wide with the centres, Stu Campbell and Jon Sparkhall, piercing through and then releasing Rich Humberstone. After gaining good field position it was veteran Alan Halling who, collecting a tapped lineout ball, burst through to score. Telephones were getting increasingly frustrated as Minch seemed to have all the luck, with some good running from Bertie Fisher, Ed Wright and Dan Wood. Try as they might, Hampton just could not convert pressure into points and went into the interval just 7-0 up.

Minch knew that the pressure would be on to defend their slim lead. Telephones had a simple but effective plan, kicking for touch and using an effective lineout, winning the ball and marching up the pitch with their heavy forwards quick rucking. Such game play was difficult to defend against and the try for the home side soon came. Telephones persisted with their effective game plan and Minch were falling foul of the referee in their attempts to stem the attacks. Penalty attempts were sailing through the posts as Telephones were building themselves a lead. Minch tried everything to get back, Jim Oatley and Rich Humberstone almost made it through, but they just could not break through the last defender. Minch attacked until the bitter end but there was a sense of inevitability as the final minutes wound down, and eventually the referee called time to a despondent Minch. Hamptons focus now switches to the cup as they travel to Minety for the Combination Junior Cup Quarter Final on Saturday.

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