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Home > News > Rosslyn Parl Ladies 7 - Romford & Gidea Paerk 5
Your News Rosslyn Parl Ladies 7 - Romford & Gidea Paerk 5

Severe winds in Richmond Park made great difficulties for both sides,but it is probably fair to say that the Slingbacks quick passing game was affected more than Romfords more physical approach. With the wind strongly behind them in the first half, the Park girls found passes eluding their outstretched fingers but there was also some poor handling. It stopped them fully exploiting the advantage they had with the wind. Park were first on the attack, gained an attacking lineout but Romford defended successfully, gained themselves a scrum and were then gifted 10 metres quite unnecessarily. Laura Wilkinson led a great counter- attack, but Tanya Chainey on the left wing was closed down as soon as she received the ball. Park were playing some good rugby but were consistently let down by handling errors. A great run through from Terangi Maeva opened the defence and fly half Gaida Erlano, in support, was able to send in Tanya Chainey at the left corner, and the winger had the presence of mind to come round behind the uprights when not tackled. Gaido Erlanos boot made it 7-0. Romford came driving back at Park. It was all battering ram stuff, whicprobably their correct tactic in the conditions. Park defended heroically, won the ball only for the clearance kick to bounce in-goal off a Romford player for a panicked touchdown and 5-metre scrum. The Slingbacks came back with a great attack up the left, featuring Lou Potter, switched the ball across and Terangi Maeva had another good run. Park got the ball to the line but were penalised for not releasing. Romford tried to run their way out of trouble but the Slingbacks put in some great tackles, knocking their larger opponents backwards. When Romford hoisted a dangerous kick Laura Wilkinson caught it in textbook fashion and ran through to threaten the visitors line, only for the move to end with a forward pass. Laura was incredible, one moment launching ferocious tackles, the next embarking on dangerous runs; she seemed to be everywhere. Towards the end of the half Romford forced Park into all-out defence, and it was a massive blow to Park when Terangi Maeva was forced off injured. She may answer to the nickname T but she certainly puts the F in feisty: she is a terrific ball carrier with great handling skills and was just the player Park needed in the second half to play into the wind. Park spent the dying moments quite literally on their own try line but simply refused to yield. Seven points was not much of a lead to take into the second half against a very stiff wind, and Romford had their tails up. Park were rarely able to get out of their own half. The pack was superb under immense pressure, but every single Slingback gave her all to keep them out. Every time a score seemed inevitable someone would find that last drop of energy to finally wrest the ball away. It was inspiring stuff to watch. Laura managed one dangerous breakaway but in essence it was a backs-to-the-wall job of heroic proportions. Just as it seemed the Slingbacks would hold out they were undone by heat of the moment naivety and a piece of refereeing generosity. Romford again drove to the line, and such was the relief when the Slingbacks got the ball that several players in front of the kicker forgot the offside law. Back under pressure, Romford got over the line but dropped the ball in the tackle. The referee, who overall had an excellent game, was on the spot and must have seen it was dropped, but awarded the try. It is difficult not to sympathise with his concluding that Romford deserved something for their almost complete domination of the second half, if that is what happened, but this was a League match! The try was out wide and there was no chance of the conversion going anywhere near the posts. We were now in injury time, and Park never looked like surrendering the match, indeed they came closest to scoring when another Wilkinson charge very nearly sent Alex Burbidge in. Not for the first time, the Slingbacks showed what you can achieve if you play for each other and give everything. An honourable mention should go to prop Liz Delves. An original Slingback, she retired before this season due to a number of injuries, answered the call at the beginning of this season when the team were short and the next Monday bought herself a new pair of boots. Shes still as enthusiastic as ever, had an immense game, and is the epitome of everything good about this team. Mind you, if rumours as to how she spent the night before the match are to be believed, it could be that she had only to breathe on her opponent to send her staggering backwards!

Slingbacks: 1. Elizabeth delves 2. Ann marie McGuigan 3. Julia

daffy; 4. Hannah Boardman 5. Nicola Smith; 6. Anna Hannick (Kristina

Dorner) 7. Louise Morrison 8. Louise Potter; 9. Maria Castellina; 10.

Gaido Erlano; 11. Danielle Williams 12. Terangi Maeva (Tara Hodgkinson)

13. Laura Wilkinson 14. Tanya Chainey; 15. Alex Burbidge

Subs not playing: Subs: Ann-marie Evans, samantha emery, charlie,

julie-ann Cowley, Kerry Wilson

Scorers: Tanya Chainey (T), Gaido Erlano (C).

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