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Your News Proof that not all the 3XV's are about the leagues

On Saturday 21st November when all armchair rugby enthusiasts were sat comfortably warm somewhere, no doubt in a hostelry, watching the Rugby Internationals, Yatton 3rds kicked-off against Imperial 2nd XV in a wet soggy scheduled League match.

Five minutes into the match, as a lineout was forming, a Prop was seen knelt down nursing an eye. The caring referee approached him, asking if he was alright. Just got poked in the eye came the pain filled but immediate reply.

The efficient referee turned to the oppositions line-out and said Hes just been poked in the eye. I didnt see who did it but if there is any more of that type of thing, I dont care who does it or with what excuse, it will be an instant red card. I will not have the sort of thing in my match. Do you understand, an immediate red card for the culprit!

Just as the Referee said culprit he was tapped on the shoulder by the recovering Prop who said Actually Sir I was poked by my own scrum half we both bent down for the ball at the same time. Oops said the Referee.

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