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Should have been a week off for the lads but a plea from Hitchin Hogs for help when a tour to two other local clubs fell through.

Ian Braybrook, Mark Whittington and Angus Shaw worked their socks off and rescued the tour by arranging matches for the boys from Hitchin at Southwell, Grimsby and of course at Kesteven.

Hitchin were exremely grateful. New friendships were made and arrangements for a return match are in hand.

And we were awarded the Golden Hog bu Hitchin - a high honour indeed.

The effort generated a response from Alex Murphy, NLD rep on the RFU that Kesteven set the standard again.


Under 7s and 8s


Unbelievably we actually played Sunday morning with a combined

U7 & U8s team. The final score of 14 tries each was a fitting end to 3

days of chaotic activity. Hitchin were incredibly grateful that wed

gone to such lengths to help them out and the club once again has covered

itself in glory pats on backs all round. We have a ready made tour

down South whenever we need it.

Although the pitch was under 4 inches of snow we made touchlines

with a broom and had 4 quarters of entertaining stuff played in a great

spirit with smiles all round. Special mention must also go to Devlin

Archer who spurned the offer of any form of protective clothing and played

the whole game in a shirt and shorts (even after producing a Snow

Angel) maniac!!!

Thanks to those players and parents who braved the elements and

those guys who couldnt make it but were kind enough to let me know.

Just a quick note of thanks for the fabulous response to my

hysterical emails for the fixture against the Hitchin Hogs.

Stops were pulled out from all over the place Ian Braybrook and

Grace Rogerson in particular were instrumental in allowing us to assist

fellow rugby players in distress

As usual, Black & Proud,


TIGGERS (Under 11s)


(Abandoned at half time)

Tiggers were asked to fill in for Sleaford & Nottingham when for reasons unclear they pulled out of Hitchins tour to the East Midlands.

Ks managed to pull together 10 players at very short notice and was able to take on Hitchin on Saturday 22nd March at Woodnook. We welcomed Brandon Whates as the twelve player on loan from Hitchin, playing as a forward.

The last time that Tiggers played on a Saturday was a year ago when they played at Welford Road in the Prima cup Final.

The makeshift team was:

Dan Singer Alfie Moore Ed Cole Adam Sharper Brandon Whates

Dan Fay Sam Danford Callum Pearl Ed Bloodworth

Joe Ryder, Cameron Frankcom, Andy Cartwright

Coach : Mark Whittington

So, on an inclement Easter Saturday the Tiggers set out to take on Hitchin at Woodnook.

Hitchin kicked off with the cold icy wind behind them, the ball being caught well by Cameron Frankcom passing to Sam Danford running at the Hitchin defence only to be held up and driven back by some good Hitchin defence.

A loose ball was won by Hitchin who kicked towards Ks line, Andy Cartwright clearing up well relieving the pressure, setting up a great drive followed by some close passing from Ed Bloodworth, Sam Danford & Daniel Singer, who run at the Hitchin defence only to be held up. Ks subsequently set up a great rolling drive, and with the tryline in sight Sam Danford set up Cameron Frankcom with a well timed pass to go over for the first try of the game.

Normally this would have been followed by a conversion kick, but in the current circumstances, there was a good chance that any attempted conversion kick had the potential to go over the opposite posts due to the wind.

Hitchin kicked off, Alfie Moore catching well passing over to Sam Danford onto Dan Fay, who set in motion a great drive that kept going and going, the Hitchin defence unable to stop, until the safety whistle was blown.

Ks had the scrum in, Sam Danford deputizing as scrum half collecting the ball and passing to Ed Bloodworth and again a good drive was set in motion, until Hitchin stole the ball and kicked to touch. Unable to find touch Andy Cartwright collected passing to Ed Bloodworth who was forced out of touch.

The line-out was won by Hitchin, only to be tackled by Dan Singer, a penalty being awarded to Hitchin which was met by some disgruntled home supporters, viewing their opinions to the bearded referee.

Hitchin kicked to touch and had the line-out. Dan Singer catching the ball passing to Adam Sharpe who was put into touch just before the tryline.

Hitchin had the line-out which was stolen by Brandon Whates who run at his own teams defence very nearly scoring a try. A loose ball was eagerly collected by Alfie Moore who seized his opportunity to collect and go over for Ks second try.

Hitchin kicked off, and was straight into the Ks defence, Cameron Frankcom passing onto Brandon Whates who unfortunately knocked on, giving Hitchin the put in at the scrum. Ks had a great drive against the head and pushed back Hitchin, Sam Danford running down the wing was given a penalty against him for an elbow.

Following the penalty, Hitchin were awarded a line-out and nearly went over from it, only for a great tackle from San Danford, however Hitchin still pressed onwards and went over for a great try.

Ks kicked off tackling the catcher almost immediately and a ruck was initiated, only for a penalty to be given to Hitchin. A quick tap and go trying to outwit the Ks defence nearly worked, however was tackled well, and developed into a maul and subsequently to another great drive from Ks, until a penalty was awarded against them.

Hitchin kicked deep into Ks half and the lineout was given. Daniel Singer stealing the ball passing to Ed Bloodworth working the ball out wide passing out to Callum Pearl who left out on the wing for most of the match was deep frozen and knocked on giving Hitchin the in at the scrum, and kicked into Ks 22. Ks won the line-out, Cameron Frankcom passing over to Callum Pearl and onto Brandon Whates who knocked on. Hitchin had the put in, and were soundly beaten against the head as the Ks forwards pushed forwards, Sam Danford attempting to go down the blind side, only for the resilient Hitchin defence to bundle him into touch.

Hitchin took the line-out in the snow flurries which was won, and they kicked towards the Ks tryline. Ks collecting but knocking on giving Hitchin the in at the scrum. Again Ks won against the head, bolstered by some great shunting from Ed Cole with Sam Danford passing wide to Joe Ryder onto Daniel Singer, who was well tackled by the Hitchin defence. Further territorial gain was quickly diminished by Ed Bloodworth who tackled well giving the ball back to Ks, only for the slippery conditions allowing Hitchin to relieve their lines by a high kick. Andy Cartwright collecting passing to Alfie Moore who was high tackled giving Ks a penalty. Daniel Singer took up the charge passing onto Ed Bloodworth who was bundled into touch.

The half time whistle blew with lots of kit being blown around the field.

The teams came off the pitch for a half time talk and a bit of warmth, when the heavens opened with stinging hailstones creating a white-out, followed by the words back to the clubhouseor in Naval terms Abandon Ship

At this present moment in time, playing table tennis in a nice warm environment at the Meres Centre would have been greatly appreciated.

The match abandoned, shelter was taken in the Clubhouse where hot drinks and hot dogs were served by some very special Mums, of whom we are entirely grateful.

Hitchin presented Ks with a rugby ball shaped into a golden hedgehog, which will live behind the bar, and thanked Kesteven for their participation at very short notice and welcomed Ks to play at their ground.. Mark Whittington replied saying that we would play the second half at Hitchin in the very near future, and that the hedgehog was well received and would certainly be displayed when Newark and Sleaford come to visit us.

All in all, this was a good match and the second half had the potential to be very excitingto be continued !!

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