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Your News Basildon Ladies 32 - Hitchin Ladies 10

Although this result may seem a disappointment, a number of factors need to be taken into account:

a) Last season we lost to Basildon 101 - 0 and 65 -7, so this is progress.

b) The match was played in atrocious conditions - high winds, rain and very very cold. Even the tractors in the factory next door were huddled together for warmth.

c) Hitchin started the game with 10 against 10 player-wise but were quickly reduced to 9 due to injury and anyway Kerry W was not fully fit due to having a cough like Barclay the Whipsnade sealion!

d) Basildon had a very able fly half who we christened Trevor and who suspiciously did not hang around for a shower......

Anyway, the match report. In difficult conditions against tough opposition, the Hitchin Ladies put on a sterling performance. Cold hands produced a number of handling errors that sadly resulted in tries for the opposition on several occasions. Clearly the Essex girls are less susceptible to cold (apart from the one who warmed her hands up the coach's jumper after a Hitchin score as he did his touch judge bit under the posts - claimed Reynard's syndrome though Essex girl probably covers it better) and so made less errors. Hitchin's tackling was solid throughout, the forwards and backs supported each other brilliantly, the scrum did well and the line-out did excellently given the problems with wind and wet hands. The score could have been a lot tighter if the odd dropped ball in good line breaks had gone to hand not floor.

Comments of the day:

"I am completely knackered, fed up and frozen" - this after chasing down an Essex lump to prevent a try with a last ditch tackle.

"I just punched that fly half and scratched my knuckles not bruised them!" - ah, props do love a bit of close contact!

"Being lifted in the line-out is much more comfortable if you don't wear pants." - the "too much detail" award of the year from the poor coach....

"We could have won if we hadn't lost." - very astute, your brain was clearly frozen by then.

Performance Awards

Dirtiest Player - Amanda - changed her shirt at half time and still muddy from head to toe at the end.

Infringement of the Day - Lily for her 20 yard forward pass/knock on - "I was trying to kick and then remembered I couldn't and I don't know what happened next" (Lily - we all groaned but laughed inwardly)

Forward of the Day - Danni for excellent go forward all game and scratching her knuckles on the "lady" fly half's chin (closer than I wanted to get to 'her').

Back of the Day - Claire for two excellent tries - one individual but one the result of an excellent team attack.

The plan is to try to get some key players fully fit for the return on 30th March and surprise the Essex girls. We have the skill, we have the organisation, we just need to stop dropping the ball!

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