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Your News Tiggers have successful weekend in Derby

A squad of 15 energetic young Tiggers and four coaches along with parents, supporters and mascots made their way to Derby on a bright but cold day on March 9th 2008 to compete in the NLD Cup..

The venue was superb as was the facilities available.

Tiggers qualified for the Cup competition back in early December as Runners up in their group.

There were four pools consisting each of three teams, the winner of the group going through to the semi-finals. The matches were 10 minutes each half.

Ks first match in the pool was against Paviors, who they had met previously and secured a sound victory away from home, so expectations were high.

Their second was against the hosts Derby, of which little was known of them.


Ks kicked their campaign off , Paviors catching the ball and being soundly bundled into touch by Andy Cartwright. Ks started the game well and had shown their early intentions.

From the line out, Ed Bloodworth collecting and nearly breaking through the Paviors defence.

A loose ball resulted in a knock on for the first scrum of the game, Paviours won against the head, resulting in some desperate tackling from Ks players.

A further knock on, gave the in to Kesteven, which saw Hugo Barker jinking his way through the Paviours defence, however unable to break through and leading to a ruck. Ks coming in from the side, gave Paviours a penalty. A tap and go from a Paviors forward was well tackled by Ed Bloodworth & Josh Adams giving the ball over to Ks, which then saw some good passing movements between Daniel Singer, Hugo Barker & Ed Bloodworth, culminating in a good drive from Ks, who was always in Paviors half.

In the second phase of the half, the match consisted of further line outs and scrums, with either teams able to make much headway, in reality cancelling each other out.

A rare excursion into Ks half was met with a thunderous tackle from San Danford, ensuring that no further progress was possible.

The second half was a much livelier affair, with Paviors kicking off, collected by Phil Fletcher setting up a good passing movement between several Ks players, until they were bundled out of touch. Ks pinched the lineout from Paviors, Hugo Barker setting up Daniel Singer to run at Paviors defence, attempting to get to the tryline only to be held up by some stout Paviours defence. Another loose ball gave Paviors a put in at the scrum, well cleared from the scrum half relieving the danger, only for Jake Lund to make a great catch, being bundled into touch shortly afterwards. Again the match descended into a combination of line-outs and scrums and the occasional drive from Ks This suited Paviors more than it did Ks as the clock was running down. Paviours ending the match much as they did this half, clearing their lines with kicks and holding on.

The whistle blew and Paviors celebrated, Ks came off the field dismayed!

Both teams received a point each for the draw.

The team talk after the match concentrated on the team working as a whole and not on individual performances.

This was a very disappointing start as Ks dominated this match territorially.


This was Ks second game and saw The Tiggers take on the Derby Tigers!

This was a much needed win match or else Ks were returning home sooner rather than later.

Phil Fletcher caught the Derby kick off and ran at the defence passing to Ed Blooodworth, who had a good passing game going with Dan Singer & Ben Ellis, who was bundled into touch near the Derby tryline.

Ks pinched the lineout attempting to break through the Derby defence, during this movement Sam Danford was injured and replaced by Hugo Barker.

Ks had a scrum and drove towards the tryline, and what seemed like an eternity, Daniel Singer went over to open the scoring for Ks.

Derby kicked off and put the pressure on Ks defence, who held out until a lone Derby player received the ball and scored in the corner to equal the scores.

Ks kicked off with an unorthodox kick, which saw Ed Bloodworth collecting the ball in his own half and running at the Derby defence, until he was bundled into touch. Ks winning the lineout drove deep into Derbys half, until a knock on resulted in a scrum. Derby attempted to go down the blind side from the scrum, only for the half time whistle to blow.

The second half was to be make or break time.

Ks kicked off, with Josh Allen making a great tackle on the Derby defender catching the ball, allowing the ball to be passed out to the wing for Phil Fletcher to go over in the corner to give Ks the lead.

Dan Fay made a great catch from the Derby kick off, and made good inroads into the Derby half, being forced into touch eventually. Ks won the lineout and pressured the Derby line again, until Derby turned the ball over pushing back Ks with an almighty drive; however a scrum was awarded as Derby never used the ball. Whilst waiting for the put in, we were greeted with a shower of hailstones that didnt go down too well..

Ks winning the scrum, following some good hooking from Alex Harrod, was followed by the best phase of the match as Ks threw the ball around, and were unlucky not to score a further try from Ed Bloodworth, being held up right on the line. Derby were awarded a scrum, winning the scrum well, the scrum half went down the blindside, only to be tackled by Dan Fay & Ed Bloodworth to be put into touch.

Derby pinched the lineout, only to loose the ball, which was turned over by Ks, leading to a drive towards the Derby line until they knocked on giving Derby a penalty.

Derby at this stage had about a minute to score an equalising try, and put real pressure on the Ks defence, until a great run out of defence from Andy Cartwright brought relief to Ks.

The final whistle blew soon after.

Ks had won 2-1, but in order to progress further they had to await the outcome of the Derby/Paviors match, which went Ks way as Derby beat Paviors 2-0.

Ks progressed through to the semi finals where they met Nottingham.

The coaches agreed that this was a much better team effort and applauded their efforts.


The Semi-Final was played against a bullish Nottingham side that were determined to progress through to the Final, using all available means available to them.

The wolfish Ks dominated the match throughout and kept banging on the Nottingham door to get to the tryline; however the Nottingham Piggies kept the door shut!!

Nottingham got the first half under way, Ed Bloodworth catching and driving into the Nottingham defence, supported well by Daniel Singer & Dan Fay, creating a drive towards the Nottingham line. During this action, Dan Fay was injured and had to retire.

Following the scrum that Ks won, Ks passed the ball around well, with Ed Bloodworth making a telling kick and run, only to be bundled into touch. The lines out saw the ball fly over the forwards heads into the arms of Ollie Brendon, who set up a drive with Adam Sharpe, only for a knock on to bring the attack to a halt.

Ks were dominating this period of play with Nottingham having to play with their backs to the wall.

Ks got stuck into the Nottingham attack, Alfie Moore receiving an injury and having to leave the field. Andy Cartwright running the ball out to the wing from the scrum, made good inroads into the Nottingham defence, only to be bundled into touch. Again Ks won the lineout, following which Nottingham was sent back 7 metres for foul play.

Ks set up a promising attack, with Alex Harrod passing to Dan Singer, creating a good drive only to be stopped by Nottingham coming in from the side. Josh Allen tapped and went, again to be bundled into touch.

Ks won the lineout, but knocked on. Ks won the ensuing scrum against the head, and were awarded a penalty again for foul play. Again Ks set up a good attacking platform, with some great passing between Dan Singer & Ollie Brendon, resulting in a ruck from which Ed Bloodworth was injured and retired.

The whistle blew for half time - scoreless.

Ks kicked off the second half proceedings giving a good account of themselves as they put the pressure on Nottingham. A knock on gave Nottingham a penalty, from which Ks won again against the head, allowing Sam Danford to run at the gaps in the Nottingham defence, very nearly going over for a try.

Ks kept going forward only to be judged offside from a loose ball, giving Nottingham an opportunity to relieve the pressure. Ks were awarded a further two penalties for foul play, during which time a Nottingham official was reprimanded from the referee. Sam Danford set up a good passing movement between themselves, only for a loose ball to be gathered up by Nottingham setting up a rare attack on Ks defence. A great tackle from Phil Fletcher stopped any momentum being made, and gave Ks the opportunity to break away with a determined drive. A pass over to Phil Fletcher saw him being stopped in his tracks via a high tackle.

Ks spilled the ball from the penalty, giving Nottingham a penalty, who tapped and run the ball, eventually kicking into touch. From the lineout, Nottingham was awarded a scrum, due to a late tackle from Ks. Nottingham run the ball only to be stopped by some very good tackling from Ks. Phil Fletcher again stopped by another high tackle, giving Ks a penalty. Josh Allen running into the Nottingham defence was tackled and had to go off injured.

Ben Ellis, Ed Cole & Joe Ryder came on for replacements for the injured players and aquitted themselves well.

From the scrum, Ks attempted to go down the blind side, only to be bundled into touch.

The whistle blew, the match was drawn and Ks could count themselves desperately unlucky not to go through, as they had all the possession and played rugby in the spirit that it is meant to be played in.

Programmes came out as everyone looked at the rules. Lots of conclusions came out from coaches and parents alike of the possible outcome. Would it go against Ks on the amount of tries previously scored by Nottingham, or would two of the Nottingham players being sent off during their prior pool matches go against them.

The only person who could make that decision was officiating a shield game, so the teams waited until the match had finished.

The decision was 5 place kicks followed by 5 drop kicks if equal.

Three teams huddled together separately from the others, Kesteven in black, Nottingham in green and Stamford the winners of their semi-final in purple watched on.

Ks selected their kickers: Cameron Frankcom, Ed Bloodworth, Sam Danford, Phil Fletcher & Jake Lund.

Nottingham went first slotting their first kick over. Ks hit the bar with their first kick.

Nottingham went further ahead with their second kick. Ks second kick flew over the bar.

Nottingham went further ahead with their next kick. Ks converted their third place kick.

Nottingham hit the bar with their fourth kick. Ks missed their fourth kick

Nottingham missed their fifth kick. Ks equalled the score with their fifth kick.

The scores equal it was down to drop kicks.

Nottingham scored with their first drop kick. Ks scored with theirs.

Nottingham scored their second just. Ks second flew well over the bar.

Nottingham scored their third. Ks equalled with their third drop kick.

Nottingham scored with their fourth drop kick. Ks missed their fourth by a whisper.

Nottingham had won and went through to the Final.

For Ks this was very harsh, having not lost in all three matches, and playing the best rugby on the day, to go out in such circumstances.

Stamford lost narrowly in the final 1-0.

The squad that travelled to Derby:

Josh Adams, Josh Allen, Hugo Barker, Ollie Brendon, Ed Bloodworth, Andy Cartwright, Ed Cole, Sam Danford, Ben Ellis, Dan Fay, Phil Fletcher, Cameron Frankcom, Alex Harrod, Jake Lund, Alfie Moore, Joseph Ryder, Adam Sharpe, Daniel Singer

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