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Your News Bulls Bowled over by Quins Ladies

Harlequin Ladies kicked off the New Year with a league fixture against Aylesford Bulls on the 18th January 2009.

For both teams it was the first game of 2009 and both teams wanted to get a win under their belt.

Aylesford kicked of the match and drove deep into Quins half, but they gave away an early penalty which allowed Harlequin ladies to regain some territory. Aylesford fought hard, but gave away an early try. A pass by winger Steph Gagne allowed Centre, Kay Rees to score in the corner.

Soon after the match has re-started, Quins gave away a penalty from being in an offside position. Again this allowed Aylesford to push forward. A knock on by Aylesford gave Harlequin Ladies a scrum, but after passing down to the wing, Aylesford went around the outside of Quins to score. Aylesford made their conversion.

Both teams were still battling and half way through the first half it was still anyones game. Neither team gained significant amounts of territory. With the forwards making a drive forward, Laura Quinn passed the ball to Amy Gibson who then made another pass to Kay Rees which allowed Kay to score again. Jayne Goodliffe made the conversion.

Aylesford gave away a penalty for being offside, deep into their own half. Jayne Goodliffe too the opportunity to try and score, in which she was successful.

Just before half time, Quins gave away another penalty deep in their half. Aylesford kept their passing short to get the ball to the far side of the pitch for them to score. Half time score Quins 15 Aylesford 12

The second half started as tight as the first half finished. Both teams gave away a number of penalties. From a Aylesford line, the ball was passed to the Aylesford backs which was intercepted by Kay Rees, only for her to be tackled. Shortly after, after receiving a pass which was going down the line of backs, Kay made another run, only to be tackled just before the line. With some quick thinking from Zoe Jeanes she took the ball and drove it over the line to score.

Ayelesford shortly after the re-start managed to get close to scoring by gaining a large amount of territory after a couple of mistakes made by Harlequin Ladies. They failed to capitalise on this and Quins soon found they gained back the territory they had just lost.

Jayne Goodliffe scored a further two tries, the first by running down the wing, the other by making s short run through the middle of the Aylesford defense.

Katy Strudwick also got a try in the corner after being passed the ball from Amy Gibson.

Final Score Harlequin Ladies 35 Aylesford Bulls 12.

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