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Home > News > Ivybridge U10's vs. Teignmouth U10's 15 all draw ...
Your News Ivybridge U10's vs. Teignmouth U10's 15 all draw ...


After three weeks off due to bad weather Teignmouth travelled to Ivybridge and took on their hosts in very muddy conditions. Teignmouth started with the ball and went straight on the attack through Dan Wollnough, who, with his second run seemed to give Teignmouth the lead after crossing in the corner but unfortunately the try was not given. Teignmouth kept on the attack only for Ivybridge to break out and score a long range try and then from the restart put Teignmouth under pressure and forced their way over for a second try. This did not dampen Teignmouths spirit and they were soon back on level terms through Kyran Rendle who struck twice after constant pressure on the Ivybridge line. Teignmouth went close to taking the lead before half time with Freddy Fearnly and Jamie Kelly both unable to ground the ball when over the try line.

In the second half Teignmouth had to play up the hill and, given such muddy conditions, this was not going to be easy. However, after winning the ball deep in his own half Freddy sprinted up field and scored in the corner, only for the referee to disallow another seemingly good try. Following this, Teignmouth set about defending as much as attacking and doing this to great effect were the wingers George Hingston and Jason Jervis who managed to stop any possible attacks with some great tackling. With five minutes left to play, and having Ivybridge trapped on their try line, Jamie Kelly crashed over to give Teignmouth a well deserved lead. With time running out Ivybridge were attacking hard but with the referee calling last play Teignmouth seemed to have won after an Ivybridge player dropped the ball and knocked on, but it was not given and the winger picked the ball up and scored to draw a hard fought game of rugby.



Again, with both sides having more than one side the teams played again, producing another exciting and hard fought match. Teignmouth played the first half up the hill and although went close to scoring trailed five nil at half time. The second half saw Teignmouth use the slope to good effect running hard at the Ivybridge line with Jamie Kelly showing the way by scoring two quick tries which put his side in the driving seat. However, just as Teignmouth had done in the first game, Ivybridge broke out from their half and scored to level although this time Teignmouth seemed to hold the ball up, but the try was given. This resulted in Ivybridge taking the lead and allowed another exciting finish, with Teignmouth attacking the Ivybridge line, and quickly crossing through with Aden Fisher to score and level the game.

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