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Home > News > Home Game for the Albion Girls ~ by Frank Stormont
Your News Home Game for the Albion Girls ~ by Frank Stormont

Sunday will see their first fixture at Brickfields for girls when they play hosts to Taunton and Cullompton. The under 15s will be playing a round Robin style event on the top pitch. The first match expected to be between Albion and Taunton and will kick off at 2pm.

It is planned that the final match will be refereed by Albion's Jess Veacock, this will be her last assessed match before she hers if she will pass into the thankless ranks of officials. That is after she has played her part on the main pitch

The senior girls side have been handed the privilege of playing on the main pitch ahead of the Westcountry Warriors match against Redruth.

The under 18 side has limited numbers and will therefore be making up their squad from members of the other teams and will also kick off at 2pm.

A bucket collection for the BBC Children in need is planned during and after the matches.

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