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Your News Yatton 22 - Paignton 25

‘Supporters bitterly disappointed after promising start’.

Paigton had a successful first ever meeting with home side Yatton. The traveller’s trip was frustrated by a change of coach due to a breakdown but the team snatched an unexpected win.

The visitors showed their danger to Yatton in a breakout during the first 10 minutes when a flanker broke from halfway to within yards of the posts, only to knock on at the last effective tackle.

Apart from that the first quarter was all Yatton, but four good chances were squandered on the opposition’s tryline before No 8 Russ Hancock grounded from a 5 metre scrum and Jon Shorney converted.

Yatton appeared stunned when within 2 minutes Paignton’s wing Jimmy Beardsmore was free to scamper over in the corner. Andy Sandercock converted from out wide.

At 30 minutes from a kick assisted by the breeze Chris Edwards was able to chase down and put Yatton back in front with an easy conversion for Shorney. Minutes from halftime Flanker Chris Harris slipped the ball to his Centre brother Mike and Yatton were up by 19-7 with some home supporters being full of confidence and set pieces going well.

However the point’s advantage soon proved to be not enough as, following Sandercocks penalty conversion, a dummy was sold in midfield and No8 Peter Mortimore touched down beneath the posts with the conversion bringing his side to within two points at the 50th minute.

During the next quarter of an hour Yatton’s lack of comparative pace in the pack, coordination and shoddy tackling proved expensive as battling and determined Paignton could smell the chance of a win in the air as Sandercock added a penalty.

At 65 minutes Prop Dan Swar powered through practically untouched in open play for his try in the corner.

With 10 minutes to go, Yatton woke up to the possibility of an embarrassing home defeat but only managed to convert one penalty out of three opportunities in the deceptive wind with supporters hanging their heads in disappointment.

This Saturday Yatton 1st XV travel to Sidmouth, who are level with their visitors in the league. For transport arrangements please ring YRFC Clubhouse 01934-832085 or 01934-838780.

Yatton 2nd XV face Oldfield at Yatton Kick-Off 2-30pm. and Yatton 3rds are away to Midsomer Norton

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