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Your News Verwood suffer from prop shortage

A blustery afternoon saw Verwood visit Puddletown in the Dorset & Wilts plate competition to take on a side three leagues above them.

This was very much a game of two halves. Early indications were that Verwood would triumph over what was a fiercely contested game. Almost from the off it was clear that the pace of the lightweight Verwood side was more than Puddletown could contend with.

Within a couple of minutes of the start a scrum in the Puddletown half saw Verwood secure quick ball which was passed through the hands to the very rapid winger, David Kerley who scored in the right-hand corner.

Only ten minutes later from a lineout about thirty metres out a rolling maul sucked in the Puddletown defence and a sudden breakaway by the Verwood forwards saw Darren Kendal (“Magic”) cross the line for a second well earned try.

However the tries were not without cost and David Kerley the early scorer had to retire with an injured shoulder. Verwood continued to dominate for the remainder of the half and very nearly added significantly to the score but it was not to be.

Half time score Puddletown 0 Verwood 10.

At half time it was clear that both Verwood props were suffering and it was not long into the second half that Verwood lost the first to a torn calf muscle and the second to another shoulder injury. Both props had bravely started the game with their injuries but they were not sufficiently healed to last the entire match. If there are any props reading this that want a good home Verwood would welcome them.

Puddletown were able to make the best of a bad situation for Verwood and their heavier pack concentrated on doing what a heavy pack does best and it was not long before their efforts were rewarded with a brace of converted tries

Verwood again picked up the pace and looked as if they would overcome the deficit and re-establish control but without a prop on the pitch and unwilling to ask for uncontested scrums it did not last.

Puddletown were able to cross the line twice more as the extra commitment Verwood had to put into the close play to overcome the loss of their props left spaces out wide which the matchwise Puddletown side were able to capitalise on.

Final Score Puddletown 24 Verwood 10

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