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Your News Fine form for Hornets in three way win

Fine Form in three way fixture

Newquay hosted two teams on Sunday at the Sports Centre, Camborne and St Austell, and such is the strength of the Newquay squad that they fielded two teams themselves. One side beat St Austell 30-0 before trouncing Camborne 90-0, whilst the other team had a narrow loss to Camborne before a re-surgent St Austell got the better of them 35-0. However coaches Jim Pearce, Ian Morgan and the attendant families had every reason to be proud of the whole squad as it continues to go from strength to strength. Great team spirit and commitment was shown by all and the most noteworthy thing about the games was not individual performances, although there was some great ones, but their performance as a unit.

The passing, visionary movement and strong support play was testament to the progress they continue to make game-on-game. The Squad:Robin Blackman, Arthur Bygrave, Finn Collins,Sol Hawkins,Perran Heamen,Ben Henwood,Lewis Hollings,Ben Hunt,Ethan Morgan,Eddie Pearce,Owen Pryor,Ewan Gilroy-Simpson,Tyler Wason,Ethan Gill,Evie Longworth,Evan Pender.

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