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Your News Moseley 8 - Rotherham Titans 36

Of all of Moseley's six defeats this season, this one was

perhaps the most disturbing, one that will set Kevin

Maggs' nerves jangling more than the others and not just

because it was against his former team.

The fact it came at home, against a side deprived by

illness of its captain and front-line goal-kicker is of

considerable cause for concern and the fact that this

week they couldn't point to a lack of effort or interest

doubly so.

In a strange way Moseley have been able to take

succour in the first two months of campaign from the way

they have allowed opponents to prosper simply by not

working hard enough.

At Doncaster, London Scottish and Leeds they showed

themselves capable of coming back when they put their collective foot down and in doing so

were able to explain away their failings as merely commitment-related.

In that respect this defeat was different. Perhaps for the first time in Kevin Maggs' embryonic

reign they were basically found out to be not good enough on the day.

Going up the hill and into the wind in the first half their intensity was reasonable, not of

Twickenham standards admittedly but certainly not as bad as it had been at Castle Park or at


They seemed to be doing pretty well too, holding on to the ball and inching their way up the

pitch in defiance of gravity.

However, as soon as Rotherham scored the first try in the 24th minute, they imploded. All the

Titans had to do was run hard and straight and they mowed Moseley down to lead 29-3 at the


That was always going to be at least seven points

too many to rein in but everyone at Billesley

Common expected a second half onslaught as

the conditions blew Mose towards the visitors'


But when they tried to step on the gas at the start

of the second period there simply was nothing in

the tank, they couldn't pull back and the distance

between themselves and the redoubtable Titans

remained constant. That will alarm Maggs.

Of course Moseley have shown themselves in recent seasons to be masters at turning

negatives into positives, of coming back when the odds are seemingly insurmountable.

There was a sense of growing urgency in the Billesley Common clubhouse after the game and it

would be surprising if Maggs doesn't swing his axe. One or two of Saturday's side might find

themselves confined to British & Irish Cup duty, or even complete inactivity, for the rest of the


It will beinteresting then to see whether there is any headroom in his budget, a la the Scottish

Exiles who brought two Argentina internationals to the Athletic Ground last week. How Moseley

would love to be able to do something similar.

For the moment Maggs must find the forwards to live with Plymouth on Friday night. Mike Ellery should be fit to return and the prospect of the young No. 8 in the back row with Chevvy

Pennycook and Neil Mason is mouth-watering.

It is the tight five that needs most attention though. Maggs has some decent options at lock but

the front row and therefore the scrum, remains a genuine concern. What he needs is a tight

head capable of competing for 80 minutes and not just the second 40.

Find that and Moseley could yet mount the most spirited of rear guard actions, find it not and

Billesley Common could be set for a winter of discontent.

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