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Your News Wasps Ladies 2XV get result at Rosslyn Park

Facing miserable conditions, the twos ran out against Rosslyn Park, away in Putney. The team had endured a heavy downpour throughout the warm-up, as the whistle blew the rain abated momentarily.

Immediately Wasps were placed under enormous pressure as Rosslyn Park decamped into the Wasps 22 for a good twenty minutes. Good defence and strong scrummaging ensured Wasps held the Slingbacks at bay.

Even though the pitch held up well, the ball was nonetheless as greasy as a bar of soap, and countless scrums ensued throughout the match. The referee also umpired the match with vigilant efficiency, ensuring very little advantage was enjoyed by either side.

Wasps gradually crept down into the Rosslyn Park half towards the end of the half, but did not look like they could create a convincing try. This was mostly due to the even ability of both team, and the Slingbacks equal devotion to defence.

The Rosslyn Pack back line shepherded the Wasps backline towards the wings with their drift defence, cutting down any space to create sharp lines.

The Rosslyn Park scrum began to gain dominance as the half unfolded, they successfully created a wheel on their defensive scrums, which limited Jess Wynterbees’ ability to cross the gainline from pickups at the base of the scrum; this also tied in our back row and left Wynterbee exposed to turn over ball.

As the first half drew to a close the score remained at stalemate, 0-0.

The second half saw a gradual change in personnel, Anita who had put in some mighty tackles in the first half on the wing moved into the full back position with Leanne Gardner and Cat Pinder making up the new back three.

Wasps forwards gained confidence as they ran out to the second half and began to dominate up front, at times creating fast ball for scrum half Tammy Jacoby. The improved continuity ensured Wasps gained good territory. Wasps were thankfully saved by the referee’s whistle when a pass went astray and was superbly intercepted by a Rosslyn Park centre, she would have surely been in for a try without the familiar call of the ref’s pea.

The match took its’ toll on both sides, with plenty of injury time given, and injuries suffered by both teams. Multi-talented centre Amy Trafford convincingly moved onto the flank as Barbara Ngouyombo moved up to second row and full back Hannah Gutteridge moved to no.8, as Wynterbee suffered a knock to the head.

Helena Langdon entered the ten slot and created space well with excellent lines of running and well-timed passes. Leslie Megarity entered the field on the wing as Velinova made her second change to outside centre and took some great crash balls.

Wasps forwards rumbled up the pitch, making good progress with pick and gos’, and the backs hit the gain line with convincing crash balls. However, with some key poor decision making at times, when faced with a backline of forwards or a 5 v 2 the ball went the wrong direction and faced an unbreakable defensive wall.

Captain Jacoby took the responsibility of a penalty kick in the last twenty minutes and successfully split the posts to create the smallest of advantages to Wasps. The last twenty minutes saw Wasps creeping ever closer to the try line, with a held up try; but never managing to cross the line to score a try.

The forwards put in an amazing effort in terms of commitment to the breakdown and defence. However, with the challenge of being more efficient in the ruck area, less being definitely more, and impact not numbers being the key to success, and the potential to drop the tackles lower and harder.

And for the backs, sharper lines and depth in the seventh, eighth and even twentieth phase being an essential element to successfully breaking the line. The Wasps twos have produced an awesome result and have the ability to go from strength to strength.

Story written by Nicola Evans

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