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Your News Nonu looks to make impact at Rotherham

Pale Nonu is determined to take his chance at Rotherham and show people hes not a one-trick pony.

Because of his size (Over 6 foot and 17 stone) Pale in the past has been labelled just a "smash them up" player. But he believes the criticism unfair and is determined to show his talents this season at Clifton Lane.

Pale said, "I consider myself an all-round player, but because of my size people tend to label you as just a crash ball player, but I have more to my game than just that. Andre has said the same, he wants me to be an allround player and not just to smash into people and that suits me fine."

"Im working and training very hard and I'm looking to make a contribution to what Rotherham is trying to achieve. Andres a great motivator and I know Ive improved already in the short time Ive been here."

Nonu 32, was born in Wellington, New Zealand, but considers himself Samoan because both his parents are Samoan.

Preferring to play inside centre, Nonu took to playing rugby at a very early age, he explained,"In New Zealand theres pretty much only one sport and my dad started me playing rugby when I was four. I have four brothers and my dad had us all playing in the back yard, it was great fun."

Oriental-Rongotai, a small club in Wellington, was where Nonu started out and stayed there until he was 25. Upon his arrival in the UK he joined Cornish-based side Mounts Bay for two seasons.

Dublin was his next destination and proved to be a very enjoyable part of his career which saw him have spells with Newbridge, St. Mary's and Suttonians.

But it was time to return, Nonu explains, "My missus is from Cornwall and she wanted to go back home, so I joined Launceston. Before I joined Launceston though, I had a trial with Exeter and they offered me a contract. So I had to go back to New Zealand to sort out my visa. Unfortunately it took 6 months to sort out and Exeter then reached the Premiership, so I missed out on that opportunity."

However an unexpected opportunity arose in how he arrived at Rotherham, Nonu said, "Andre was watching some DVD footage of a prop at Launceston and spotted me. Andre asked the prop to get me to send some footage to him and it went from there."

Nonu has settled in well and is pleased with how things are going at the moment, he said, "Im enjoying it here, the areas really nice and the people have been really helpful. Its been good fun it feels like the squad has been together longer than they really have. We are tight already and have a great spirit, were all looking forward to what we hope will be a successful season."

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