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Your News Taulava settling in well in Rotherham

New recruit Semisi Taulava is loving being at Rotherham and believes consistency will be a key factor in the Titans having a successful season.

Semisi said, "If we can consistently perform to what we believe we are capable of, then I think we can surprise a few teams and give the supporters a very good season. If at times we take a fall we need to get back up quickly and show people what we are about. I'm confident that we can do well this year, all the players have bought in to what the club wants to achieve."

The 28 year-old big Tongan is relishing the challenge of being part of, what he believes are exciting times ahead for the club.

Semisi is no stranger to challenges he left his home at just 15 to take up a rugby scholarship in Wanganui, New Zealand. After spending 3 years at the college he was picked up by local NPC 2nd division side Wanganui.

Then in 2005 he moved to Taranaki in the NPC 1st division, however in early 2007 he suffered a serious neck injury which saw him out of the game for two years. One doctor told Semisi there was a good chance he would not be able play rugby again! Semisi recalls, "This was the lowest time of my life, there was many tears shed in that tough and difficult period."

But through dedication and hard work he was rewarded with the news he had been dreaming of, Semisi recalls, "I even remember the date, June 14 2009, thats when I got the all clear to play rugby again, I was so relieved and so happy!"

With a new lease of life about him, Semisi decided he wanted a new start and a fresh challenge. That saw him arrive in the UK on Christmas day 2009 and he played for Worthing for the remainder of the 09-10 season.

The following season with a number of Championship teams seeking his services, he decided to join his best friend from his younger days in Tonga, Leo Halavatua at Birmingham, believing it would make the transition to Championship rugby easier.

However it was a difficult season for Semisi, as he explained, "It was tough at Bees as I was played out of position in the 2nd row, and I'd never played that position before. But I'm a pretty loyal guy for whatever team I play for, I'm one of those guys that would cut his hand for the team, so I just gave my best in that position."

But when Rotherham came knocking on his door this year, he jumped at the opportunity and explained his reasons for joining the Clifton Lane outfit, "The club is very ambitious and Andres got a vision of where he wants to take Rotherham. I'm an Islander and we are a very loyal bunch, we need someone to crack the whip and Andre is really good at doing that. We like having a taskmaster and we follow and I want to be part of whats happening at Rotherham."

And so far he has no regrets about his move, Semisi added, "It couldnt be going any better at the moment we are loving it here, the old cliche about the people making the place is so true, the people in Rotherham have been so lovely to us, they have made us feel extremely welcome, I cant speak highly enough about how wonderful the people of Rotherham have been."

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