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Your News Jarrovians marchers follow in Wainwright's footsteps

THEY know a thing or two about marching in Jarrow, so its probably no surprise that when Jarrovians RFC were casting around for a project that would help them to raise money for the Help for Heroes charity, they decided to walk to the top of all 214 Lake District Wainwright Peaks in one day.

Raising money for a worthwhile cause and also raising the profile of the club was a challenge that not only raised valuable funding for a worthy cause, but was also calculated to promote team-building and camaraderie within the club.

The challenge fulfilled both objectives, especially in the fund-raising department, with a cheque for a magnificent 22,000 being handed over to the Help for Heroes campaign. The effort would certainly have impressed legendary fellsman and Kendal Borough Treasurers Department employee - Alfred Wainwright, who identified fells in each area of the Lake District and wrote detailed instructions with illustrated maps and routes to each summit.

The Wainwright Challenge was a better success than we could have imagined. said Bryan McCoy, Honorary Secretary at Jarrovians. We handed over a cheque for a fantastic 22,000 after managing to get a Jarrovians shirt on every Wainwright Fell.

It went surprisingly smoothly on the day. The clouds were down to 800m so the higher fells required navigational skills with map and compass. Luckily the navigationally challenged were lower down, but a few still managed to get lost.

One team even managed to climb the wrong fell, but were able to extricate themselves by asking for help and being pointed in the right direction by a friendly hiker.

We had the support of our local MP, Stephen Hepburn, a former Jarrovian full-back, who had shrewdly picked Walla Crag, an easy stroll from Keswick. He was back in the bar by 2pm, whereas founder member and challenge organiser Andy Wood set off around the Buttermere Fells at 9am and didn't finish until 10pm having selflessly combined two walks after another team had to cancel.

So all in all a great success, with over 200 walkers with an age range from seven to 70 taking part.

*The Jarrow March was an October 1936 protest march against unemployment and extreme poverty suffered in North East England. The 207 marchers travelled from the town of Jarrow to the Palace of Westminster in London, a distance of almost 300 miles to lobby Parliament.

Contributions to the Jarrovians effort can be made via

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