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Your News Cirencester 27 - Yatton 6

Yatton Scorers - Pens G Osborne

New Look sides struggles against well drilled new opposition.

For anyone who follows the league tables they would have known that this away fixture was always going to be a tough one; add to that a gusting wind against them from the off and enforced changes in the line-up meant that the travelling 1st XV from Yatton Village were immediately up against it.

Despite that George Osbornes speculative penalty kick, at four minutes, from the halfway line, born out of youthful spirit, only fell a few yards short. But he succeeded in putting his side as first with any points, on a pitch with no scoreboard, from another penalty minutes later.

On a rain soaked pitch Cirencesters opening chance came as pinned down Yatton , yards from their touchline, attempted a box kick against the wind only to have it charged down and the try converted.

Knock-ons were then a feature but Yatton dealt well with the constant onslaught grabbing another penalty from a break-out at the end of the first quarter bringing the score to 7-6.

Eight minutes later Cs broke through the stubborn defence after a ruck at five yards and the try was converted with an unorthodox wind assisted kicking style from the touchline.

Meanwhile Yattons open play tackling was suffering from the quickness of the oppositions back-line division. Chip-overs from defence paid no dividends and the halftime score became 17-6.

Although the drying wind was reducing, it was going to be in Yattons favour and optimistic travelling supporters felt that with a few lucky breaks and 50-50 decisions an early try, or two, would soon put Yatton back in contention during the second half.

But Cs knew where their strength lay and how to bring their three-quarter line into play. The ball never hung around in the scrum and support play from a fit, confident line resulted in another try after a pop-up pass at 50 minutes.

Effectively Cs third try signalled the end of Yattons efforts but the travellers kept doggedly at it and had their chances within inches of the line, but it rarely comes right when its desperately needed.

Cirencesters bonus try point came with ten minutes to go and so Yattons first ever visit, as a weather affect rearranged fixture from before Christmas, resulted in a hard lesson against this side which gained promotion from Gloucester Premier last season lets see what the home clash brings in six weeks time.

This Saturday Yattons 1st XV travel to 2nd in the league Thornbury. While the 2nd XV are scheduled to meet Weston-S-Mare 2nds and the 3rd XV have Oldfield 3rds also at home.

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