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Home > News > Knights Vs Otley LIVE SCORE UPDATE
Your News Knights Vs Otley LIVE SCORE UPDATE

The teams for today are as follows:

15 Anthony Carter

14 Andy Wrigtht

13George Hughes

12Hudson Tonga'uiha

11 Chris Hughes

10 Alistar Warnock

9 Chris Hallam

1 Richard List

2 Steve Boden

3 Ngalu Tau

4 Dan Smith

5 Glen Kenworthy

6 Bryn Griffiths

7 Simon Grainger

8 and also your Captain Adam Kettle

Thats your teams its kick off now i'll bring you the score and the action as it happens!!

After 5 minutes Ngalu makes a quick dash into space only to being almost close-lined!!

On the 8 Minute mark Doncaster are defending heavily at an otley line out on our 5 metre. Nothing came from it as the Knights turned over the ball.

14th min Hudson makes a break from the 22 metre line but only makes it to the half way however he jas put the Knights in a great attaking position!!

19 mins otley score a try otley convert

23 minutes Knights come back with a strong reponse withChris Hughes scroing over the far left side away from the club house. Knights miss the conversion.

26 mins try by number well worked by the forwards with Adam Kettle scoring under the posts with Ali Warnock kicking the conversion!!

29 mins 59 secs Otley players go down with cramp.

32 mins otley line a penlaty kick up and miss from just to the right of the posts..

37 min Doncaster Knights get their first penalty

Its half time here at Castle Park and just a round up on the scores Doncaster Knights 12 Otley 7!!

second halfs here

Ali warnock scores in the 41 mins and ali converts the kick!!!!!

4 min otley makes subs

9 mins TYhe big unit ngslu is subed

16 minspenalty kicked by otley

18 mins Bryn goes over the line for the knights. Ali Warnock misss converts

21 mins Richard List and Dan Smith is subed

25 Anthony carter scores Ali warnock misses the conversion.

44 mins Toma Toke SCores benith the posts and Ali Kicks the conversion.

Final Score 36 15 to Doncaster Knights

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