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Your News Frome 3XV 32 - Yatton 3XV 17

Yatton Scorers - Tries S Costello, Will Edwards; Cons 2 N Serman; Pen N Serman.

A gutsy 13 from the 3rd XV warm up the afternoon away to Frome

On a balmy afternoon in October last year, during the home leg, Yatton 3rds clocked up over sixty points against last Saturdays league opposition. But on last Saturdays dull, depressing January day with near freezing conditions, it was only a brave 13 who were available to travel to fulfil the return league fixture.

Defying all ancient advice about the ambient temperature and its effect on brass monkeys, the gallants sallied forth running with enthusiasm on to the pitch to face a full sided opposition, knowing they would be quickly warm-up because their 13 would have to put in an effort rate of 115% to equate the combined 15 players line up against them. Their captain had worked out the ratio and it converted to a percentage of effort while waiting for some of his old warhorses to be taped up and greased down ready for battle.

First on the scoreboard was Shaun Costello powering over in his typical prop fashion like a man being held back from his pint at the bar.

Inevitably, because the player numbers were so imbalanced it proved impossible to defend in an honest and upright fashion all afternoon, in such a way as to befit the actions and position of the Clubs Welfare and Protection Officer. Consequently Fromes superior numbers stitched together a run of three tries as overlaps appeared.

But Yatton did not roll over with the supreme effort because, during that overwhelming onslaught, Neil Serman slotted away a penalty conversion with aplomb.

And as Yatton rallied and regrouped their young prop was out to show the old prop that he too could bulldoze and, so it came to pass, that Will Edwards try was converted with assureity by the aforesaid Serman.

And he of the solid boot, Neil Serman was heralded Man of the Match as the magnificent Bakers Dozen came off the field of valour, defeated yes, but by no means bowed, and steaming nicely.

This coming Saturday Yatton 3rd XV have an afternoon at home entertaining Old Sulians 2nds

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