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MILLWALL'S new Junior Club Captain is just 11 years old but he's refusing to be overawed by the role which involves representing players up to eight years older than him.

Will Foley admits it will be a challenge handling the club's youth teams, including members of his own under-12s side, right up to the Colts players on the cusp of men's rugby.

"The Colts (under-19s) and even players the same age as me can be difficult sometimes," admitted Will, who also represents his school rugby team at Roding Valley High.

"But I think by talking to them one-on-one, explaining my role and how I can help them, I think I'll do okay."

The youngster from Bow is looking forward to his new position which will see him liaise between the young players and youth managers.

"It's important for all players to know that they have someone to go to for support who isn't an adult or if they have a problem or issue to be raised," said Will.

"I also make sure that kids' views are represented in decisions made by the youth managers."

Will first became involved with Millwall Rugby Club through the Josh Lewsey Rugby Academy, now known as the School of Hard Knocks Academy.

He is now an established member of Millwall's under-12s side but remains full of praise for the academy route into youth rugby.

"It just really gave me something to do," said Will. "Something to enjoy because I never really did much outside of school.

"Through the coaching in the schools and getting down to Millwall, it sort of became a new hobby to focus on.

"I had played rugby before at another club and I really didn't enjoy it but when I started going to the academy and Millwall, it was a lot more fun.

"I have met lots of good friends at Millwall too, so that's good."

Will's aims include supporting the minibus service which shuttles youngsters down to the training sessions in Mudchute and to encourage the coaches to introduce more contact rugby.

"The Millwall coaches need to make sure that the skills are progressing and the kids get to do some contact rugby because they might get bored learning the same skills they have been learning at school already," said Will.

But Will, who hopes to work in electronics or the world of video gaming when he eventually leaves school, is full of praise for the club, adding: "It's like a family here."

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