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Your NewsStatgasm: RBS 6 Nations round four
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Wednesday 16th March 2011
Statgasm: RBS 6 Nations round four

 Wales 19 -13 Ireland

Many would perhaps say that the only stat relevant to this game is the one about number of tries given that should not have been, but let's look at some more obscure and interesting ones.

- 20% of all Ireland's possession ended in an error, over half of that total was from minging kicks

- Wales missed a staggering 12 tackles, or to put it another way 10% of the all those they attempted.  Shaun Edwards' head may well explode at that one

- Wales did not have a single scrum awarded to them in the whole match

- Ireland had more possession, and won nearly three times as much ball in their opponent's 22, yet still lost.  What a game, eh?

Italy 22 -  21 France

Unfortunately, we couldn't measure the Italians tears of joy by the cubic metre, but here's some other stuff.

- 2, the total number of scrums Italy both won and lost.



- If both teams had landed all the points available from kicks and drops attempted, then it still would have been won only by a single point, but by France 28-29.

- France only kicked the ball to touch once, and Italy three times, by far the lowest total of all three matches this weekend.  By contrast, Ireland alone went for touch 10 times in their match in Cardiff.

England 22 - 16 Scotland

Scotland increased in quality by about 95%, and the England press and fans World Cup delusions continue to multiply to the power of 1000 week by week.  Here's some other bits.

- England had few lowests and highest stats this weekend, some in a good way for once.
LOWEST - missed tackles (0); possession kicked (33%)
HIGHEST - offloads (18); possession (63%), line breaks (6)

- and some not so much:  29% of all that possession ended in an error, all bar one of which were handling or breakdown errors.

- All the talk in the press would lead you to belive that Scotland's lineout was like like some kind of physical comedy play, but they in fact only lost 3 to England's 1, which might not be great but it's not catastrophic either.

Posted by: , on March 16th 2011 on 05:34pm
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