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Your NewsGreat rugby families, which is the mack daddy?
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Sunday 09th January 2011
Great rugby families, which is the mack daddy?

Three of the 239 Tuilagi brothers took the same field in the Leicester vs Perpignan game recently, let's have a squint at some other rugby dynasties. 

The Tuilagis - Seven brothers, six of whom have played or continue to play rugby at a decent level.  One of them, Freddie, winning championships in both codes.  

Strengths: There a loads of them, they are all massive, powerful and most of them bear a passing resemblance to the Predator.   Plus, they all have kids, who even at the age of 6 are probably stronger than Charlie Hodgson.

Weaknesses: The Samoan language has no word for sidestep, and it shows with them  



The Lievremonts - Three brothers from the south of France - Marc, Thomas and Matthieu all played back row for their country.  Granted, Matt only got a cap when he was 33 and the national team was under the mental early management period of his brother Marc, which definitely had a bit of "Our mum told me I had to" about it.

Strengths - They are French forwards, thus they are psychopaths.  Marc carried this mental disorder into his later coaching career, which is nice.

Weaknesses - Not legendary in status, and one of them didn't even get a proper cap.


The Quinnells - Father Derek and three sons Scott, Craig & Gavin all had careers of varying success.  Derek and Scott are Wales and Lions legends of course.  Craig could have been a contender but he struggled with walking past pie shops and pubs. Gavin was carving out a decent career until he recently received what can only be described as an eye wounding in a game for Llanelli against Cross Keys.

Strengths - All big units, with the additional fear factor that Derek's beard would inspire in opponents.

Weaknesses - Craig would only last about 4 minutes in a fight before collapsing, vomiting then pulling out a Fray Bentos steak and ale he'd been keeping warm in his pants.


The Ellas - Smallest so far, both in terms of numbers and in terms of bulk.  The Ella brothers, Mark & Glen, are the first backs to feature in the list.

Strengths - Mark Ella is arguably the greatest 10 of all time, and what he loses in power he could more than compensate with guile,  the odd chip kick, and Jedi mind tricks.

Weaknesses - Glen.


The Armitages - New kids on the block, with brothers all over the park.  Bevon is a journeyman threequarter, Delon is a solid yet gliding international full-back; Steffon a rotund but effective international breakaway; and Guy, the youngest at 17, could yet be the best and is currently destroying other back-rows as a flanker in the London Irish academy.

Strengths - So many names that sound the same could confuse opponents, allowing young Guy to attack when they least expect.

Weaknesses - Delon's shoulder could pop mid-altercation, Bevon might have to head off to his part-time job, Steffon may need food and Guy will have to check his Bebo at some point on his phone

Which is your money on?  Let us know in the comments and if we've missed out your favourites then give them a mention too.

Posted by: , on January 09th 2011 on 12:47pm
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