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Your NewsTraining camp in Serre Chevalier
Follow the life of Everything Rugby team member Tom May as he begins life in the South of France with Toulon.
Friday 17th July 2009
Training camp in Serre Chevalier

 This week we have travelled as a squad to the Alpine town of Serre Chevalier, better know for it's skiiing and winter sports. It took us about 4.5 hours from Toulon to get here but that was nothing too unusual as I have spent enough time on buses travelling with Newcastle!
On arrival we were told to pack a ruck sack with a few select items and then we set off on a 12 kilometre hike/jog. Through the forest and over the lower parts of the ski fields we went and 1hr 40 minutes in we reached our destination for the night which was a field in the middle of a valley next to a farm.
We had a great time in the evening having had a BBQ and a couple of drinks together. I spent my time with Conrad Barnard (ex Cheetahs), Luke Rooney (ex Penrith Panther in the NRL) and with Ross Skeate (ex Stormers) and spent time talking and getting to know each other more. Things like this are fantastic for getting to know your other team-mates. We were told that even though it was nearly 30 degrees during the day that it would be down to around 4 degrees by 4 in the morning. I decided that I would get least wet by lying on a bench and putting my sleeping bag on there.
Having had a poor nights sleep, we woke up, had some breakfast in the farmhouse and then set off on what was to be a 2.45 hour fast walk from about 1320 metres to 2750 metres. It was a test of mental strength and many of the lads were finding the going very tough but we all got through and reaching the top was fantastic and we all had a real sense of achievement. This is part of the route of the Tour de France and it gave us all a sense of how difficult the terrain is that they cover during the race.
We spent the afternoon down in Serre Chevalier in an Adventure Park and used it to build some teamwork and spirit and then went back to our hotel for a deserved hot shower and a rest before heading off to the local hot baths where we spent some time soaking our sore bodies!
From tomorrow onwards we are focussing on the rugby and we have two sessions a day which will be tough but will be good for us in the build up to our first game against Brive next Friday.

Posted by: , on July 17th 2009 on 02:18pm
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