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Your NewsArrival in France
Follow the life of Everything Rugby team member Tom May as he begins life in the South of France with Toulon.
Friday 10th July 2009
Arrival in France

 After the nightmare of packing up our house in Newcastle, the actual trip down here to Toulon was fairly painless! Landing in Nice we were picked up by a guy called Gerard who speaks only French so it gave me a good hour or so to practice!!
We are living in a flat in an area just on the outskirts of Toulon for the first couple of months and then we move into a house in a small town called Carqueiranne which Kate (my wife) and I are both looking forward to.
I was given the option of starting pre season on the 13th July but since coming back from tour I have just wanted to get over here and start the new challenge that lies ahead. With that in mind, I started last Thursday at pre season and have been to every session since. The lads are really great to be with and the team spirit is fantastic here and it has been exciting to join the team and start training with them.
I am trying to speak as much French as I can and I enjoy having a good go at it even though sometimes I am sure that the people I am speaking to have no idea what I am on about. There are a good number of English speaking players which is nice as we are all learning together but I am trying my best to make the effort with the French guys as I would be trying to help them out if they were trying to speak English at an English club.
Everyday that we have been here has been over 30 degrees and sunny and we are training in the mornings and then have the afternoon off and then perhaps sometimes we have a rugby session in the evening. It is quite a strange routine to get into as there has never been any problems with the heat in the North East since I have been there!!
We have a hill session tomorrow morning (Saturday 11/7) and then we are off for the weekend and next Thursday we travel up to the ski resort Serre Chevalier where we are on camp which should be great fun. There is less of a focus on the physical aspect of our training and more concentration on our rugby game plan and skills. Having said that, over the past week or so and a bit longer for some, there has been some really hard work put in so we could probably do with a bit of down time from the weights and fitness, although I am sure they will find a decent hill if they need to up there.
The first week has been tough training but also there have been some tough times off the field as we try to settle in but that is to be expected and I would be very surprised if all the new players were not feeling the same way at times. We are both enjoying the experience and I look forward to keeping you posted on life in France.
A Bientot,

Posted by: , on July 10th 2009 on 10:34am
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