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Your NewsMore than a year already
Follow the life of Everything Rugby team member Tom May as he begins life in the South of France with Toulon.
Friday 27th August 2010
More than a year already

 My wife and I have now been in France for more than a year now and the time has flown by. Looking back I think it took me a lot longer than I thought to settle in properly, allowing me to fully focus on rugby and stop worrying about what was going on off the field.
I started around 18 games last year and played in another 6 more from the bench. This was a nice return for me I think in a season where I don't think I was near my best. This season, I am feeling totally different. I was looking forward to getting stuck into pre season and have spent the last few weeks since we started on July 1st working really hard on my game. There has been a large amount of time and sweat that has gone into training so far and I have also spent more time developing my confidence. You may think that this is something that would come naturally to sports people - I am sure it does for some but for me it is something I have to work at and I am now feeling the benefits of this.
Last season we exceeded our goals by finishing 2nd in the league, eventually being knocked out in extra time by Clermont who went on to win the Top 14. Our goal was simply to finish in the Top 6. In our European Challenge Cup adventure we set a goal of having a 1/4 final to play in at home. We failed that and had one away in Connacht which we won and then we got to the Final which was played in Marseille. We lost a game we should have won to a string Cardiff outfit.
This season we are looking forward to the new challenge of the Top 14 - we lost our first game at home (we hadn't lost at home for 15 months!) to Bayonne and then went away in Round 2 to European Champions Biarritz and won where we hadn't for the last 29 years! Random start but hoping we can continue in that vein and progress through the season. We also have a fantastic group in the Heineken Cup to look forward to with the likes of Munster and Ospreys to face. Not easy by any means, but something that we are all looking forward to.

Posted by: , on August 27th 2010 on 07:51am
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