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Home > News > Woodbridge Amazons 5 - Blackheath Ladies 31
Your News Woodbridge Amazons 5 - Blackheath Ladies 31

Opening exchanges were even and play stayed central before second in the league Blackheath began to exert some control over the forward play, using their flankers to good effect clearing out quickly for scrum half Elliott who gave their centres some good ball. Woodbridges Captain Rickard was forced to kick and chase from deep and the Amazons gained territory for a while, Johnson, Rickard and Stearn attacking centrally and down the right. Blackheaths forwards found their rhythm however and won the lions share of possession to enable flanker Watling to put hooker Brunett over at the quarter mark.

Forsaking kicking from hand the Amazons renewed their attack using Stearn as a battering ram however the visitors had clearly marked her out for special cover and despite some aggressive attempts she was contained. Blackheaths winger Foley tested the home teams defence and Joxon was also a constant threat, forcing play back to the Amazons 22 and eventually breaking a tackle to put Foley over. Moments later they countered another attack and rebounded for their 8 Wigley to score.

The third quarter saw no score as both sides tested the others defences and there were many scrums, most threatening the home teams try line. Eventually imaginative running off the back of the scrum gave the Londoners a penalty platform just short of the Amazons line and Gianotti gave Brunet her second try. Play returned to the Woodbridge end but eventually Stearn broke free to score against the run of play only to see Blackheath reassert their upper hand with a try by Gianotti herself minutes later.

Woodbridge Amazons 5 v Blackheath 31

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