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Home > News > Heathfield & Waldron II 7 - 34 Littlehampton Rfc
Your News Heathfield & Waldron II 7 - 34 Littlehampton Rfc

Littlehampton faced a tough test to start the season after securing promotion to the sussex intermediate league but a good mix of pace, quick hands and persistence pays off to allow Littlehampton the win with five tries, three conversions and a penalty.

Heathfield and Waldron start the game well winning a penalty and winning the scrum to place pressure on Littlehampton as they near the try line first, Littlehampton remain persistent and keep a good line gaining the ball back and pushing down the field to keep Heathfield and Waldron out.

Littlehampton steal the ball at the next Heathfield and Waldron line out but lose the ball at a kick and Heathfield and Waldron push on winning the next line out. Littlehampton continue to place pressure on with play remaining mid field, Heathfield and Waldron win a scrum but Littlehampton turn it and win the scrum themselves using this to progress, they win a penalty going for posts this however is missed but this doesnt stop Littlehampton from pushing on and getting the first score of the game from Craig Boddington with Lee Shergold converting.

Heathfield and Waldron place pressure on Littlehampton and find clear space on the wing to push forward, they near the line but lose the ball to a penalty they continue to work though and win the next line out driving forward. Littlehampton win the next penalty and win the scrum, both teams fight hard for the ball with both winning and losing penalties, line out and scrums. Rucks prove valuable for both teams with them using these to their advantage to gain the ball and drive forward. Littlehampton again take the advantage winning the ball and a ruck and progressing forward, Heathfield and Waldron keep a strong line but Littlehampton win a penalty and Shergold Converts to add to the score.

Littlehampton use this momentum to gain the ball in a ruck and progress they gain a scrum near their line and drive on with Scott Elliott gaining the next try, conversion missed.

Neither team give up in this first half and continue to place pressure on each other but Littlehampton keep a clean sheet for the first half with it ending 0-15.

Littlehampton keep the pressure on straight away in the second half winning a line out and using this to their advantage finding space to progress Littlehampton use their dominance in the scrum and win close to the line allowing Elliott his second try of the game with Shergold converting.

Littlehampton continue the good play and progress again to near the try line but Heathfield and Waldron keep strong and determined and push Littlehampton back winning a scrum and passing well along their line, Littlehampton find themselves needing to defend and do so however they lose the ball at the kick and Heathfield and Waldron use this to their advantage passing and scoring their only points of the game.

Littlehampton do not to let this deter them and they fight back straight away pushing forward, Lovegrove steals the ball in a ruck and Littlehampton pass well for Craig Walters to score in the corner and Shergold to Convert.

The final twenty minutes of the game sees both teams progressing and fighting for the ball, as in the first half both teams win penalties, line outs, scrums and fight to ruck forward but both teams show good skills pace and defence but its Littlehampton in the final moments that show persistence is key as they win a Heathfield and Waldron line out and drive forward with Keirle using this to progress and pass, Littlehampton lose the ball but remain strong to re gain it at a turn over in the ruck, quick pace and hands allows Littlehampton the final try by Tom Merrett however conversion was missed.

Team: Quinney, Singleton, Merridue, Moore, Stevenson, Newman (cpt), Keirle, Boddington, Elliott, Torode, Shergold, Best, Merrett, Woods, Walters.

Subs: Quinney: Griffin, Stevenson: Lovegrove, Woods: Evans.

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